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Overseas and Older Students

Learning how to drive is difficult enough without the added complication of a language and cultural barrier.

It may be that you already have obtained your licence in your country of origin, or that you are learning how to drive in Australia for the first time. Regardless of circumstances, John is well qualified to assist you to learn how to drive with confidence before and after you pass your test.


With many students having already passed as a direct result of lessons with a Complete Driving School instructor, John understands the importance of clear, concise instruction. Being shown what to do, as well as what not to do, is an important strategy of Complete Driving School in assisting overseas drivers in passing their P's or converting overseas-based licences to Tasmanian certification.

If you are an overseas student learning how to drive, make sure you ring John to discuss the many packages available.

Older students are also faced with extra difficulties when learning how to drive. Let John assist you with specialised learning and techniques to assist you in obtaining your licence in the safest and most timely of processes.