Driving Lesson

Tips to Success

  • Unsafe lane changes

  • How to parallel park

  • Make sure you stop

Drive Testing Day

Every lesson held at Complete Driving School has the dual purpose of helping you pass your test, but more importantly, ensure you have safe driving skills for life. We acknowledge that, although passing your driving test is a key milestone in anyone's life, it is but a small part in your lifetime of driving.

Testing day is for most students, regardless of skill level, a time of high stress and nerves.To help you have the very best chance possible, below is a list of important things to remember before you take your test. There is also a list of the key reasons why people fail and the pitfalls to avoid on the day.


How best to prepare for your test

  • Make sure you have all your paperwork ready the day before, including knowing exactly what time you have to be at the testing station.

  • Have a good night's sleep and try not to worry about your test the night before.

  • Ensure your car is clean and roadworthy and that you have had plenty of time driving this particular car so you are familiar with all aspects of your car.

  • Have belief in your own ability and take your time and stay calm at all times. Your instructor will only recommend you attempt your test if John believes you are capable.

  • You need to be at the driving school 15 minutes before your lesson starts, so make sure you have plenty of time to be on time. Remember, if you are late, they won't test you, and you will not be refunded your testing fee.


The 10 main reasons people fail:


  1. Poor observation skills; difficulty in moving off from a standing start; problems at intersections

  2. Merging and changing lanes incorrectly

  3. Poor reverse parking.

  4. Incorrect use of indicators (signals)

  5. Lack of steering control.

  6. Incorrect speed (hesitating, speeding, or going too slow)

  7. Failure to make effective use of mirrors

  8. Mounting a kerb or gutter

  9. Failing to stop effectively

  10. Poor planning during exercises


Remember, booking your test is an important decision, so make sure you discussit with John first to ensure you have the very best chance possible of passing on your first go.